BATGuard General – For General Use


The BATGuard™ GENERAL is configured to deal with general retail runoff.

The internals of the GENERAL differs from our other products.

It is designed with a media combination that deals specifically with:

Light grease and oil

Higher levels of  heavy metals

Higher levels of  suspended solids

It is designed with daytime use in mind with an easily visible orange strip.

The General is directed towards:

Employee use at retail stores while cleaning any ground-level surface 

Industrial building use

Mobile Car Washes and car wash Professionals

Parking lot rinsing

Permanent parking lot filtration at drains (up to 6 months)

Roof Drain filtration

The BATGuard™ GENERAL is rated for up to 200 uses for general retail cleaning with light oil

BATGuard™ GENERAL heavy use testing

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