BATGuard™ PRO T -For Commercial Cleaners

The BATGuard™ Pro T

The BATGuard™ Pro T is the ultimate environmental solution for professional cleaning contractors.

The BATGuard™ Pro T offers a common sense, inexpensive, and environmentally friendly solution for environmental compliance.

That solution is simply ground-level filtration and onsite treatment.

Faythworx provides portable filtration to contractors and retailers so they can clean the environment BEFORE it even gets to the storm drain.


 BATguard™ Pro T has tough skin with high specifications and consistency. The 100% polypropylene skin is at tough material made for filtration under roadways. It is known in the construction industry for its strength.

 The BATGuard™ Pro T has a silver reflective strip down its length so it is easier for you, your customers, and regulators to see.

 BATGuard™ Pro T incorporates custom-designed filtration technology specifically designed to filter heavy metals, suspended solids, and odors. The BATGuard™ Pro T formula ensures the highest water flow with the greatest effectiveness. Each square inch of the media has the filtration path of an entire football field to capture microscopic contaminants. It is a specially designed activated charcoal that can be custom designed in the creation process to deal with specific contaminants.

Oils encapsulated in the BATGuard™ Pro T are captured in the MEPMix™ layer allowing for safe disposal in the landfill.


How does the BATGuard™ stack up against competitors?

1) Lifespan – BATGuard™ Pro T is made for up to 130 uses. Most competitors are either one time use, or they are made to block the water rather than filter it. BATGuard™ Pro T is designed for professional cleaners at flow rates commonly used in the industry, from 5.5 GPM to 20 GPM.

2) Filtration – BATGuard™ Pro T is made with proven internals that captures oils, heavy metals, suspended solids, and debris, . Most competitors capture one or the other or force you to have to buy different models to deal with different contaminants. Some float on the water allowing contaminants to go underneath the boom. The BATGuard™ Pro T is weighted in a way that not only keeps it on the ground but encourages the water to take a path that exposes the runoff to every part of the filtration media.

3) Disposal – BATGuard™ Pro T captures oils at the molecular level. You can’t squeeze the oil out if you ran over it with a truck. That is why it is landfill friendly. Polypropylene only products cannot make that claim.

4) Price – Polypropylene, hay, and other type booms can be found for around the same price, but they do not have the technology found in the BATGuard™ Pro T. Carbon-based booms do not have anywhere near the flow rates the BATGuard™ has. While they are VERY effective at capturing heavy metals you will wait a LONG time for the water to go through. And it will take a long time to justify the average $600 cost for a similar-sized boom.

There is nothing on the market that can filter runoff for an average cost of less than $1.00 per job that can even come close to competing with the BATGuard™ Pro T.

When professional cleaners can keep their costs down, EVERYONE can afford to clean more often. When we clean more often, we all benefit.

The BATGuard™ Pro T comes in a 10-foot length, this size allows for many different configurations depending on your needs.

Flow depends on the grade, but under normal circumstances, 12-15 GPM flows through the BATGuard™ Pro T acceptably.  On steeper grades, the BATGuard™ Pro T can handle 20 GPM.  One thing to keep in mind is, in order for a gravity-based filter to work, there must be some degree of slope.  The BATGuard™ Pro T has been tested and designed specifically to maintain maximum flow at the average angle of entry onto a street or roadway from a driveway or commercial center entrance.  If you are trying to use the BATGuard™ Pro T on a flat surface you will find that runoff will try to go around it. Find the slope near your workspace. That is where the BATGuard™ Pro T works best.

The BATGuard™ Pro T must be rinsed off after each use to increase longevity and keep flow pores open.

The BATGuard™ Pro T is rated for 200+ heavy commercial uses depending on contamination levels.

If you are not a professional cleaning contractor please see the following to choose the right BATGuard™ product for your needs:

The BATGuard™ GREASE made specifically for the Restaurant Industry

The BATGuard™ GENERAL made for general retail use, car detailers, and the construction industry.

The BATGuard™ STREET made exclusively for extended use for rain runoff on Parking Lots.

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