History – The Original Gutter Critter

From the Gutter Critter to the BATGuard™ – FaythWorx History

IMG_20131014_172602_908The original Gutter Critter – the ultimate solution for Residential Runoff filtration.

The original Gutter Critter was invented by Ken Beckstead, a professional environmentalist, and a surfer.  He wanted to find a way to keep oil and other contaminants out of the storm drains when residents wash their vehicles.  After the Gulf oil spill, he went to work on a viable solution using the new technology that rapidly advanced during that time.

Ken made the product himself and provided residents in Southern California a viable way to keep their storm drains clean. But Ken had other passions including ridding the earth of the millions of cigarette butts that find their way into our waters.  He asked me if I would take the Gutter Critter a step further and make it available to professionals who clean for a living.

Meanwhile, Ken is still saving the earth with his Butts to Watts program turning old cigarette butts that would normally go into our waterways into clean energy.

Faythworx has taken the concept and now offers this technology to professional cleaners around the world and to retailers and restaurants who use their employees to clean their places of business.  Now local business owners can use the same technology cities and counties use INSIDE their storm drains to keep runoff clean when they are cleaning around their businesses.


The Original Gutter Critter is no longer in production please see our current lineup HERE!