About Us

My name is Fayth Shelton.


 I started Faythworx in 2014 when I was 12 years old.

My Father is a small business owner who owns, Sonitx, a company that cleans air conditioning coils and air filters.


My Dad was also the National Environmental Director and for the United Association of Mobile Contract Cleaners  for five years and I am an Associate member of the UAMCC as a vendor.

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My mom was an Assemblywoman in the Nevada State Legislature  from 2014-2016 representing the central area of Las Vegas. She also does the accounting for Sonitx.


My Brother, Chris, owns Vegas Pressure Wash and my cousin Cameron, owns Native Power Wash.


Our whole family is in the business of keeping our environment clean. In 2012 they were finalists in Nevada Business Magazine’s Best Family Owned Business.

 I hope to join them one day in a Magazine picture like this:

Sonitx-3 (2)

I wanted to do my part to continue that tradition. As part of my home schooling my dad suggested I look into opening a small business.

In 2012 I met Ken Beckstead. Ken is the inventor of the Gutter Critter and the Butts Only Box for collecting cigarette butts and recycling them into energy.

Using a state of the art design the Gutter Critter has been used in California to keep storm drains clean for the past few years.


Ken is involved in many different aspects of cleaning the environment.

He asked if I would be interested in expanding the Gutter Critter concept from the residential market and open it up to professional cleaners.

Of course I jumped at the opportunity.

We spent 6 months experimenting with different configurations so that the design would work well for professional cleaners.

We are continually working to expand the offerings and make our products the best they can be.


Thank you for your business and thank you for being good stewards of our environment!