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Currently FaythWorx is offering FOUR products.

The BATGuard™ PRO for Professional Cleaning Contractors.

The BATGuard™ GREASE  for the Restaurant Industry and Gas Stations

The BATGuard™ GENERAL  for General retail use, Car Detailers, and the Construction Industry.

The BATGuard™ STREET made exclusively for extended use for rain runoff on Parking Lots.

BATGuard™ does not BLOCK all water flow

like diversion booms.

All FaythWorx products are FILTER products.  They are designed to FILTER contaminants while allowing cleaned water to flow through freely. 


Cleaning Use:

BatGuard™ GREASE

BATGuard™ General

BATGuard™ PRO 




 Rainwater Runoff filtration for Parking Lots:


The BATGuard General used for cleanup of an oil filled parking lot

Click here for detailed information on the BATGuard™ line of products.

The heart of the both the BATGuard™ Line is Smart Sponge® technology by Abtech.

Here is some information on the revolutionary Smart Sponge®:


BATGuard™ GENERAL visual demonstration

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