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Currently FaythWorx is offering FOUR products.

The BATGuard™ PRO for Licensed Professional Cleaning Contractors.

The BATGuard™ GREASE  for the Restaurant Industry and Gas Stations

The BATGuard™ GENERAL  for General retail use, Car Detailers, and the Construction Industry.

The BATGuard™ STREET made exclusively for extended use for rain runoff on Parking Lots.

BATGuard™ does not BLOCK all water flow like diversion booms.

All FaythWorx products are FILTER products.  

They are designed to FILTER contaminants while allowing cleaned water to flow through freely. 

BATGuard™ PRO 

 Rainwater Runoff filtration for Parking Lots:

The BATGuard General used for cleanup of an oil filled parking lot

Click here for detailed information on the BATGuard™ line of products.

The heart of the BATGuard™ Line was originally Smart Sponge® technology by Abtech Over the years the same technology that powered the smart sponge was adapted to on-ground filtration, and combined with additional media to attack more contaminants. 

Here is some information on the revolutionary Smart Sponge®:

BATGuard™ GENERAL visual demonstration


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