BATGuard STREET – For Parking Lot Runoff

BATGuard™ STREET makes it economically feasible for private citizens and business owners to deal with parking lot runoff before it gets to the drains.    .

Parking lot runoff has been a top priority for regulators for the past three years. While many newer properties are being built with on-site solutions like rain gardens and detention ponds, most older properties still drain directly to the street.

If your property drains directly to the STREET or storm drain, like the pictures below, BATGuard™ STREET is an effective BMP to help keep your property in compliance.

BATGuard STREET in test phase in a shopping mall during a rainstorm

Here are the main differences between the BATGuard™ STREET and the other models:

1) BATGuard™ STREET is the only product designed for stationary use.  The “skin” is rated for longer UV resistance than the original Gutter Critter so that it can be used 3-6 months in direct sunlight. It is not designed to be moved repeatedly like the other BATGuard™ products.

2) BATGuard™ STREET is designed for use in spillways, chutes or other conveyances of water off of parking lots. There is no need for reflective strips since it is not made for work in night conditions. This reduces the cost.

3) BATGuard™ STREET can easily be anchored as needed to the concrete with a cordless drill and stainless anchors to keep them in place on steeper conveyances.  It is made at a height that will slow the initial flow to attack the initial oil runoff, yet overflow in emergencies before the parking lot gets flooded.

The majority of contaminants in parking lots are removed during the “first flush”.  This is where the BATGuard™ STREET outperforms all other methods of filtration.  While no method of filtration can capture all contaminants, the BATGuard™ STREET concentrates on the heavily contaminated FIRST FLUSH that occurs during the first four minutes of rainfall.  After the first flush the initial contaminants have already been captured in the device. It is designed at optimal height so that cleaner rainfall that comes after first flush during flood stage is allowed to overflow.  Additional BATGuard™ STREET booms can be placed one behind another at 2ft minimum intervals for additional filtration if desired.

First Flush Contaminant Study

4) BATGuard™ STREET has been designed to deal with heavy metals at a higher level than the other BATGuard™ Products.  While some oil does come off of parking areas, the greatest concern is heavy metals. The mix of filtration material in the BATGuard™ STREET is made just for parking lot runoff. 


Independent Test Results from our supplier


Test Results

5) The BATGuard™ STREET comes with backing from the power washing community.  Should you need anyone to service your property with a quarterly replacement and a washout of your drains Faythworx is a member of an association with thousands of Power Washing Contractors ready to help you.

This is a prototype showing how the BATGuard™ works on suspended solids.

The BATGuard™ STREET is designed for continuous, stationary outdoor use for up to three to six months depending on hours of sunshine and rain events.  After that time it should be removed and replaced.  Preferred disposal is to call your local garbage company and have them pick it up just like used oil for recycling.  The BATGuard™ STREET can also be tossed in a dumpster when completely dried.

Check your property – You need one BATGuard™ STREET for each conveyance to the street or storm drain.  The BATGuard™ STREET is 10 feet long.  It can be cut and tied off in shorter lengths as long as it makes it from end to end across or around the conveyance and can have 6 or more inches of overlap on each side.

When used on steep slopes BATGuard™ STREET can be staked into the ground on either side. Or alternatively the boom can be mounted into concrete using concrete screws making boom change out easy.

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All the parts of the BATGuard™,  all the way down to the tags and the thread are MADE IN AMERICA.