Houston, we have a problem!

For all the Houston Power Washing Contractors:
Texas General Permit TXG340000 allows 15mg/L of Hydrocarbons (Oils) to go directly into your waters from Bulk Petroleum stations owned by large oil companies like Shell, etc.

Samples of UNFILTERED runoff from a monthly cleaning of a commercial gas station shows that the highest pull was 5.6mg/L.  
After BATGuard™ PRO filtration that number goes all the way down to far less than 1.0mg/L.

Ask your local authorities why Environmentally Responsible Power Washing Contractors have been considered “Major Offenders” for cleaning our environment, when large companies like Shell are permitted to put 15 times more oil directly in the waters.  

Responsibly filtering runoff onsite complies with the Clean Water Act’s requirement to use the Best Available Technology (BAT).  

Requiring transport of small quantities of runoff is environmentally irresponsible. It’s time to put modern filtration technology to use and stop requiring small amounts of runoff that can be filtered onsite to be transported on our roads.

Technology that was used to clean up the Gulf Oil Spill-


Do you trust your Media?

Can you trust the media in your wastewater filtration device?
Media in the BATGuard™ line of environmental filtration booms was used to clean up the Gulf Oil Spill.  That’s a fact.
Find out more about BATGuards™ and how they can inexpensively help you keep oil out of our storm drains when your employees clean outdoor surfaces.

BATGuard™ GENERAL Environmental Visual Demonstration

Environmental solution for business:

The BATGuard™ GENERAL is for any business with employees who routinely clean sidewalks, parking areas or anywhere there is potential for water to leave the property.

The environmental impact of hydrocarbons such as oil or transmission fluid along with heavy metals, is great.

FAYTHWORX BATGuard™ GENERAL is ready to trap those contaminants and allow cleaned water to flow through.  It can be used over and over again up to its saturation point or a year, whichever is greater.

Since it captures oils at the molecular level and will not let them go, the BATGuard™ GENERAL can either be left to dry and thrown in the dumpster, or dropped off at an oil collection facility to be burned to make energy.

For three years Power Washing companies, airports, and other facilities have proven the effectiveness of the BATGuard™ line of products.

Bring your business into the new option of ground level filtration today.

For more information or to order, go to www.faythworx.com

See the Testing Here



Environmental technology with BatGuard Products.

The BatGuard line of products are complex filtration devices. They are used for for stormwater protection and cleaning runoff.

The BatGuard Pro is specifically designed for professional cleaners.  It offers an alternative to transporting runoff water offsite and taking the chances of having a spill on the roadway. The cleaned water stays on property and the contaminants leave with the BatGuard.

Here is an explanation of how just one of the components of the BatGuard Pro is able to filter oils, heavy metals, phosphates and other soaps so well.

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New Products for End Users!

After two years of testing in some of the harshest conditions, Professional Power Washers have shown that the BATGuard PRO is up to the task of keeping our environment clean!

We have used the lessons learned from the Gutter Critter, Gutter Critter PRO and the

BATGuard PRO to produce filtration for General and Restaurant use.

The BATGuard GENERAL has been designed with media that attacks oil and grease AND with a stronger media to tackle heavy metals and suspended solids.  This is important anywhere cars drive or where there is heavy foot traffic.  This BATGuard is great for any commercial property owner who has employees cleaning outside with a hose or a pressure washer. The GENERAL will come with a 5 gallon container for easy storage.  The cost will be $150.  The BATGuard GENERAL should be available for purchase before the end of February 2016.

The BATGuard GREASE has a different makeup for use at Restaurants.  With more Smart Sponge the BATGuard Grease is able to hold more oils and grease for longer use times well over one year.  The BG GREASE will come in a five gallon bucket for storage and a quart of EBC (Enviro Bio Cleaner)  EBC is an environmentally friendly cleaner that dissolves oils between cleaning while the BG Grease is stored. The cost for the BATGuard Grease will be $199.  The BATGuard GREASE should be available for purchase before the end of February 2016.

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To Pre-order these new products email at faythshelton@gmail.com or call 702-375-4458


The New BATGuard Pro is now in Production

After months of trial and error the new BATGuard Pro is in production.  It has taken the place of the Gutter Critter Pro and offers many updated features.  Please click on the link for BATGuard Pro on the menu to see what this amazing new product can do for you!

What’s new?

We found in testing a few months ago that the Gutter Critter Pro stretches about a foot and a half over time pulling it across the ground. This could potentially cause stress on the stitching, so we upgraded the stitching to a stretch stitch, shortened it initially by a foot or so after a few uses it would stretch to the full 12 ft.

We also removed some rocks and replaced them with a special mulch that soaks in some oils, yet acts much like the rocks in forcing runoff through the sponge and cuts the weight by 10% or so at the same time to guarantee there are no shipping issues with weight.

At Faythworx we are always looking for better ways!  If you have any suggestions let us know!

Constant Innovation

At Faythworx we know that innovation is the key to success. That is why we are constantly looking into the most modern methods of runoff filtration

Currently the Smart Sponge material is one of the most state of the art filtration mediums on the market.

BUT, there are some new up and coming technologies that are promising and might prove to work well in conjunction with the Gutter Critter line of products.

Keep checking. We will be adding new products at the technology advances.