BATGuard GREASE – For Restaurants


The BATGuard™ GREASE is configured to deal with RESTAURANT runoff.

The internals of the BATGuard™ GREASE differ from our other products.

It is designed with a media combination that deals specifically with:

Heavier grease and oil

Midrange levels of  heavy metals

Midrange levels of  suspended solids

It is designed with daytime use in mind with a easily visible yellow strip.

BATGuard™ products filtering greasy runoff (sent in by one of our customers)

The BATGuard™ GREASE is designed for:

Employee use at restaurants for any outdoor or indoor cleaning 

The price for the BATGuard™ Grease is $150

Discounts available for multi-store orders

The BATGuard™ GREASE is rated for 180 uses cleaning outdoor surfaces or 100 uses cleaning dumpster areas.

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