Houston, we have a problem!

For all the Houston Power Washing Contractors:
Texas General Permit TXG340000 allows 15mg/L of Hydrocarbons (Oils) to go directly into your waters from Bulk Petroleum stations owned by large oil companies like Shell, etc.

Samples of UNFILTERED runoff from a monthly cleaning of a commercial gas station shows that the highest pull was 5.6mg/L.  
After BATGuard™ PRO filtration that number goes all the way down to far less than 1.0mg/L.

Ask your local authorities why Environmentally Responsible Power Washing Contractors have been considered “Major Offenders” for cleaning our environment, when large companies like Shell are permitted to put 15 times more oil directly in the waters.  

Responsibly filtering runoff onsite complies with the Clean Water Act’s requirement to use the Best Available Technology (BAT).  

Requiring transport of small quantities of runoff is environmentally irresponsible. It’s time to put modern filtration technology to use and stop requiring small amounts of runoff that can be filtered onsite to be transported on our roads.

Technology that was used to clean up the Gulf Oil Spill-