New Products for End Users!

After two years of testing in some of the harshest conditions, Professional Power Washers have shown that the BATGuard PRO is up to the task of keeping our environment clean!

We have used the lessons learned from the Gutter Critter, Gutter Critter PRO and the

BATGuard PRO to produce filtration for General and Restaurant use.

The BATGuard GENERAL has been designed with media that attacks oil and grease AND with a stronger media to tackle heavy metals and suspended solids.  This is important anywhere cars drive or where there is heavy foot traffic.  This BATGuard is great for any commercial property owner who has employees cleaning outside with a hose or a pressure washer. The GENERAL will come with a 5 gallon container for easy storage.  The cost will be $150.  The BATGuard GENERAL should be available for purchase before the end of February 2016.

The BATGuard GREASE has a different makeup for use at Restaurants.  With more Smart Sponge the BATGuard Grease is able to hold more oils and grease for longer use times well over one year.  The BG GREASE will come in a five gallon bucket for storage and a quart of EBC (Enviro Bio Cleaner)  EBC is an environmentally friendly cleaner that dissolves oils between cleaning while the BG Grease is stored. The cost for the BATGuard Grease will be $199.  The BATGuard GREASE should be available for purchase before the end of February 2016.

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